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A. Fatih Syuhud, seorang blogger TOP asal Madura aktif ngeblog sejak tahun 2005 sampai sekarang. Hasil karyanya dapat dibaca pada dua blog utama yang saling bertautan dan Seperti dikutip dari blognya tertulis "I’d love to see many more Indonesian bloggers blog in English, the most-widely-understood world language. So that the world knows and understands more about Indonesia by reading anything written by Blogger Indonesia. Don’t let your voice echoes only in your backyard.

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  • ALEXA Rank: dibawah 100.000
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Ten Reasons Why We Blog in English

There are at least top ten reasons on why an Indonesian blogger should blog in English. If you run a Bahasa Indonesia blog, like I do, you should have an English speaking blog as well. Here ’s why: 1. My English writing skill is not good. I’d like to improve it by writing regularly in a medium where editorial barrier does not exist. 2. English is undoubtedly understood

English Media in Indonesia

There are not many English-speaking media (newspapers, magazine, portal) in Indonesia. In fact, they are very few compared, for example, to its neighboring countries like Malaysia and Singapore.. Among the below mentioned, only The Jakarta Post and The Jakarta Globe which have its print version.

WordPress Sticky Post

How to Create Sticky Post in WordPress. Some readers who don’t know much about how WordPress work think that I rarely update my blog. The reason is two of old articles keep appearing in the frontpage namely Ten Reasons Why We Blog in English and English Media in Indonesia. Those two posts/articles are called sticky post. A post which is set to be sticky post will show on the frontpage for as long as you want it.

What Kind of Bloggers are You?

After the invention of blogging platform, the monopoly of media as a publisher is over. Well, almost. Because everybody can be a publisher now. The facts remain that not all bloggers want to compete with media in terms of quality content and originality. Many of whom are just following the trend, whatever that means.

Top Indonesia Blogs in English

Here ’s the list of Top English speaking blogs on Indonesia written by Indonesian bloggers or non-Indonesian (expats) who stay in Indonesia. The list is focused on English-speaking blogs which discuss about Indonesia’s (a) current events or socio-cultural viewpoint as the main topics and, no less important, are (b) regularly updated.

Breadcrumb for WordPress Blogger Blogspot

How to create and install breadcrumbs navigation trail in Blogger Blogspot and self-hosted WordPress blog. For SEO purposes, breadcrumb is one factor highly recommended by many SEO experts. Breadcrumb is necessary to optimize a website or blog visibility to search engine result page (SERP). It’s also important for a website/blog usability. For Meaning, definition and picture of breadcrumbs scroll down below.

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2 Tanggapan

  1. motivasi yang bagus dari mas fatih, walaupun berat dan sulit tapi kalau dicoba sedikit demi sedikit blogging dalam bahasa inggris, rasanya blogger manapun berpotensi untuk jadi blogger top bahkan mungkin saja hidup sebagai jurnalis ataupun full time blogger..

  2. memang mantap tuh kang fatih 🙂

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