Natural Disasters Hit Eight Makassar Districts

Makassar,- Eight districts in Makassar had experiences such tornado disasters, floods and fallen trees due to extreme weather that occurred during the last week.

"During the last week the weather in Makassar continued  with  rain and strong winds that resulted in many disasters such as tornado and fallen trees," said Chief Fire Department and Natural Disasters Makassar, Judge Syahrani in Makassar, Wednesday.

He said, disasters like tornado, flooding and fallen trees in a day occurred in eight districts of Makassar.

Eight districts that experienced the disaster were sub Tamalate, Ujung Pandang districts, subdistricts Biringkanaya, Tamalanrea, sub Makassar, Mamajang district, subdistrict Manggala and Tallo.

One of the eight districts, the district experienced Tamalate tornado disasters that ravage the 22 home residents. Seven homes damaged residents and other citizens of 15 homes minor damage.

Sub Manggala, Romang Tangaya region, hundreds of hectares of rice field area farmer’s floods submerged. Floods caused by overflowing rivers that flow along the rice fields.

Community leaders of District H Makka Tamangapa lamented the flood conditions that currently threaten the farmers’ crop failure in the region. The threat of crop failure due to soak the dried rice acreage, particularly in Kajenjeng and Romang Tangaya due Gowa stream from overflowing.

In Tamalanrea district, residents of six homes damaged by high winds swept away and one large tree also fell. Two other residents’ houses were reported damaged in the district Tallo, Jalan Sultan Abdullah.

Meanwhile, five other districts reported if the number of uprooted and pohonn homes hit other people.

Worst conditions experienced in Kerung Kerung street, Makassar district where four large trees uprooted and hit three houses inhabited by residents in which as many as five heads of households and 18 people.

"For now we still continue to perform data collection and alert to the extreme weather that occurred in Makassar," explained Kasatpol Civil Services in Makassar.


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