Australians Interested the Culture of Bangka Belitung

Pangkalpinang–As many as 18 Australian citizens were interested in exploring the cultures of Bangka Belitung (Babel) where these cultures were thick with Malayan custom.

"As many as 18 people were Australian citizens can be said to explore the cultural apprenticeship Bangka until February 2010. They have been settled in several districts in Bangka Belitung," said Head of Youth and Sports of Bangka Belitung, Kasmiri in Pangkalpinang, Wednesday.

According to him, the Australians were interested to Melayu culture. Because these people are considered friendly, polite, and have a high character.

"In addition they are also interested in the traditional arts of Bangka Dambus, a traditional Islamic art in Bangka Belitung," he said.

Mr. Kasmiri said the Australian people who live in the home residents as his adoptive father and interact with local communities to explore and study the local culture.

"Australians were also trying different types of cuisine and foods of Bangka, they seemed very interested," he said.

Kasmiri said the arrival of the Australians were positive for the region, especially in introducing local culture and a tourist area to tell in their hometown.

"At least to promote the region with the hope of Australian tourists interested in visiting this area because it has cultural and tourist attractions," he said.


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