Orang Utan Almost Kill a Human

Muara Teweh– A Borneo orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus) almost killed a rubber farmer named Yani (40), resident of village Teweh Lemo II Central District, North Barito regency, Central Kalimantan.

"If there is no other rubber tappers, I do not know if still alive or not," Yani said when met at the Village Teweh Lemo II Central District, Saturday.

This event was the first time happened in Central Kalimantan in last Friday morning at about 07:00 pm on Inun River, inland river Lemo child (The Child of Barito River).

Orang-utan which is spotted as a female was height 2.5 meters and weight 200 kilograms. She attacked the victim Yani, leaving serious wounds on his body from bites and scratches especially the left hand, right foot and the base of the left chest.

"On the right leg was 20 stitches and 10 stitches left hand," he said.

The story began as usual, in the morning, Yani tapped rubber tree. However, he does not know the existence of big animal that had never appeared in the surrounding forests or rubber plantations of these community.

When he was just starting to tap rubber, suddenly from behind a `people` held both legs and his body then slammed into the back straight.

"I was surprised because when I arrived at the rubber plantation there was no one other than my friends anothers rubber tappers, but after seeing it a big orangutan three times the size of an adult’s body," he explained.

At that time the victim can not move even want to take the saber (typical weapon Dayak tribes) who used to go into the woods tucked in his waist.

"Imagine a plastic shoe that I use translucent nail due to the orangutan. It’s feet hurt," he said.

Although still in the arms of an orangutan, the victim can still scream for help. Two other tappers came for help who are also victims’ families, Mulyadi and Miswan.

The two men immediately drove the sharp weapon into the body of an orangutan’s. Orangutans were released the victim, looking at two of the rubber tappers.

"The two men could not run away from an orangutan who want to pursue, I also want to save myselves, but could not move because of weakness," he said.

Because the two men away, the orangutan back again Yani pounce on the ground, hugging tightly, when the victim was immediately unconscious.

"I do not know anything else because fainted after embraced again by the orangutans," he said.

Miswan said they tried disabling orangutan long enough.

Orangutans hurt again when he hugged the victim, when it was held and animal legs are paralyzed by the saber to his body. The two men finally killed the orangutan by their spear and saber.

The Orangutan death body was then taken to the village Lemo II using a motorboat. This death orangutans bring a lot of people attention nearby.

According to residents, the orangutans were forced into rubber plantation area is owned by the community to search for food fruits for the forest where the animal’s life is diminished, such as land clearing by timber companies, plantation and coal mining.

"People here can say almost never seen an orangutan, because they live far away in the jungles," he said.

This incident made the local residents in recent days was afraid to tap rubber, because my friends the other orangutans still feared around the rubber plantation residents.

Chief of Natural Resources Region IV Muara Teweh, Joseph Trismanto said orangutans in North Barito Regency habitat in the Nature Reserve in the District Teweh Pararawen Central and outside the protected forest area is.

According to him, this orangutans lives together as a single character and some types of male and female children who live in the jungles.

"It does not disturb the animals, if he is not distracted or disturbed by humans. They like to live in the wilderness area that many forest fruits," he said.

As for the orangutans who entered the rubber plantation area to disturb the residents, because of habitat disturbed and disrupted by land clearing activities for palm oil plantations, coal mines and logging.


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