Victoria Beckham Bercinta Tiap Hari

Los Angeles – An honest confession come from Victoria Beckham who love sex so much. A former Spice Girls member is admitted almost every night she always make love with her husband, David Beckham.

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According to Posh, she always slept naked and could not resist the desire if they were touching under the covers. As quoted from The Sun, when asked whether she would prefer to sleep or make love in an interview with Allure, Victoria replied:

"Sex! I always make love with David Beckham every night, so you know, there must be something wrong if I say, ‘sleep’, "said Victoria without the slightest embarrassment.

Victoria who yesterday seemed not wearing black bra with the dress, also reveals the sex itself is always naked with Beckham although her husband ask herself to wear lingerie.

"I used love not to wear any, eventhough David always buy lingerie from Provocateur her favorite lingerie store," she added.

Regarding the look of her brown skin, Victoria affirmed if the color of his her skin is 100% natural.

"I do not do anything. It is sad when people criticize my skin. This is my color, I put on sunblock, but I live in hot weather, "she said.


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